About Me

Gentle sleep coach, Doula & Baby Massage

in Switzerland or remote

I am Valeria, an Italian citizen of the world: in 2010 I left Rome, to move to Geneva first, then Paris and Dubai. Married in 2011, I gave birth to Gaia in 2016 and to Giuseppe in 2018.


Becoming a mother helped me to understand my love and passion for babies and my willingness to help them and their families. 


Being an expat myself, I started to invest my energy to support families living outside of their home country, far from their dear ones. 


I first decided to become a doula and received my certification from «Nurturing Birth» UK.

As a doula, I met many sleepless parents and I decided to look for solutions to help them and became a certified sleep coach from « Gentle Sleep Coach », by Kim West in January 2018.


I am also a certified baby massage instructor from IAIM Institute and a Peer Lactation counsellor (in training) with Breastfeeding Education UK.


I am currently back to Switzerland, living with my husband and our 2 children in Cologny, a charming village next to Geneva.


My goal today is to help as many parents as possible, both in the pre-partum and post-partum phases,  to connect with their babies using the ancestral way of massage and save them from sleepless nights! 


I am fluent in Italian, English and French.

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