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A fantastic room for a fantastic sleep!

Every time I do coach a family I explain to the parents how important is for a child to like her room.

I do also recommend to spend a lot of play or quite time into her room, both with parents or alone. Your child needs to love her sleep environment and at same time to feel safe and also to have fun into it!

For this reason, I do recommend to decorate her room in a way that will always create positive associations in her mind.

A new entry for my son's room, that I would like to talk about, are these fantastic balloons! My parents offered them to my son for his birthday, and I find that a super nice decoration idea:

They bought them online from the company "La Terra di Puglia" : the artisans make this precious ceramic balloons that I find absolutely gorgeous! It took a bit for me to add them to my son's wall, because I needed someone to make the holes on the wall!! :-)))

But the result is fantastic!

This can be a nice present for Christmas or for your next kid's birthday!

Hope you loved them! Here is the link to explore their website:

Online you will find Marco, who with his kindness (and patience!!!) can help you to find the right combination of colours and dimensions, based on your child's room.

My son loved them immediately and he is so cute at night while saying "night, night" to them!

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Valeria De Grandis

Valeria is a certified Gentle Sleep Coach, a Doula and a Baby Massage Instructor. She helps families and friends in Geneva canton and France voisine (visiting families in their own places or in her cabinet) or abroad (by video and phone calls). She is the founder of Rising Little Stars and practices in three languages (Italian, English and French).

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