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Feeding bracelet: a very nice discovery from Lactobijou

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

From the "Bebé et Moi" salon, an interesting meeting with Sandrina Mindren, a super nice mum who creates these amazing bracelets to track breast feeds.

As many of you, Geneva's mums, know, last weekend the "Bébé et Moi" Salon took place in Geneva. I went with the intention to find something new or simply unknown. While going around the stands, my attention was captured by these nice and colourful breastfeeding bracelets.

The hours are marked on the numbered beads.

They are separated by 3 or 4 fancy pearls which represent the quarter of an hour.

As you can see on Sandrina's website (, she creates bracelets in many colours and personalizations. She also explains how to use it.

I've found them so nice that I decided to buy one for me...even if I do not breastfeed anymore! Here it is:

Even if you don't breastfeed, but you opted for a formula feeding schedule, you can always use it.

I find it a good and fun gift for this upcoming Christmas!

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Valeria De Grandis

Valeria is a certified Gentle Sleep Coach, a Doula and a Baby Massage Instructor. She helps families and friends in Geneva canton and France voisine (visiting families in their own places or in her cabinet) or abroad (by video and phone calls). She is the founder of Rising Little Stars and practices in three languages (Italian, English and French).

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