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Gro Anywhere Blind

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

A good help in case of early rising or bad nap time.

Does your child have hard time in setting his internal clock to sleep longer in the morning or well during her naps?

It can be the light!

Sometimes, our children's' rooms are not well equipped in terms of shutters and it can be a problem for them to see some light coming in. Often I tell to my clients, while sleep coaching their children, that a "dramatically dark" room can make the difference in helping them to sleep better and longer.

If I see that the child's room has shutters that do not cover well the outdoor light, or if the family is going on vacation and already know that the bedrooms will be bright at bedtime or in the morning, I recommend to buy the Gro Anywere Blind.

It comes with a handy travel bag and it can be easily folded and put in the suitcase when we go on vacation. It fits any window up to a maximum size of 130cm x 200 cm and has velcro fastening to reduce the size in case your window is smaller and you need to make the blind smaller.

The suckers (fixed all around the perimeter) make this blind easy to fix and in few minutes our room is "dramatically dark"!

I love so much this item that I bought one for my son's room!

Why I preferred to buy it instead of putting a more fancy and regular darker blind?

Because a regular blind will not cover the light coming from outside 100%. And this simply because it is not fixed to the wall!

I really recommend this product in case of need: the price is not so high, the Gro company delivers in many countries, otherwise you can always use Amazon (or other type of e-commerce platform) or go in a well equipped children store.

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Valeria De Grandis

Valeria is a certified Gentle Sleep Coach, a Doula and a Baby Massage Instructor. She helps families and friends in Geneva canton and France voisine (visiting families in their own places or in her cabinet) or abroad (by video and phone calls). She is the founder of Rising Little Stars and practices in three languages (Italian, English and French).

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