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The importance of the lovey

The best friend for our children to sleep better...and do many other things!

Many times we underestimate the importance that a little stuffed animal (or other objects, like a little blanket) can have in our children's life.

They can feel safe and independent and the lovey can do kind of a magic when it comes to bed time.

Think to introduce it around the 12th month of age in the crib

During the first months of life, our babies don't look much interested in the new friend...they just calm down with milk, cuddles or walking in a carrier/stroller. But starting from the 4th/5th month, when they start to be attentive and responsive to the world and the objects around them, you can start proposing it. The goal is to let them bond with it. The lovey is a transitional object and it does'n need to be necessarily an animal: it can even be a little blanket. The most common ones have the head of an animal on the top and than a little blanket at the bottom.

These are my children's:

The little panda is Giuseppe's one and his name is T'choupi. The little bunny is Gaia's and his name is Doudou.

If you want to use a lovey only to help your baby transition to sleep on his own, you can start proposing it when you establish a solid and consistent bedtime routine. You just need to be careful and remove it from her bed once she is asleep (after the 12th month of age you can then leave it into her bed all night long).

You will see that in few weeks she will recognise it. In the first days, you can even wear it, to give it the scent of mum and help to enhance the bonding.

I also want to encourage you to take it if you go on vacation, you move, you go to the doctor: you will transform this fantastic transitional tool not only into your child's best "bed-friend", but also into his "best-friend".

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Valeria De Grandis

Valeria is a certified Gentle Sleep Coach, a Doula and a Baby Massage Instructor. She helps families and friends in Geneva canton and France voisine (visiting families in their own places or in her cabinet) or abroad (by video and phone calls). She is the founder of Rising Little Stars and practices in three languages (Italian, English and French).

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