Sleep coaching solutions for children from 0 to 5 years old

I decided to become a Gentle Sleep Coach trained and certified directly by Kim West, because it was the most comprehensive sleep training course. Kim’s program is primarily based on teaching how to build a good relationship with the family I will work with: active listening, conflict resolution and, in general, how to build a safe and solid rapport with the family in a non-judgemental way.

The thing that I liked the most of this program is the focus given to the child development, and how it can affect sleep, and how to create a secure attachment between parent and child and keep it safe during the sleep coaching. We had regular training with doctors, paediatricians, lactation specialists. 

The Sleep Lady Shuffle is the core of this sleep coaching program: when Kim developed the method, she wanted to give families a choice other that cry-it-out or timed checks. She wanted to provide a sleep coaching method that parents could follow through with consistency, that could put the child at the centre and could assure attachment, sensitivity and a deep emotional support from the parent. (For more information: - Training program overview).

My role in this process will be to empower, support and accompany a family through the sleep coaching process, just like a cheerleader does. The major keys for success will be the consistency, the focus and the willingness to achieve the same objective: sleep for all the family!

Do you need assistance to help your child (and finally you!) sleep through the night or to end the co-sleeping or a situation of early rising? Would you like to do a solid nap coaching or wean off the pacifier? Have a look into my coaching packages just below!


Option 1: Face to face home consultation program 

  1. Initial Call: half an hour call, to discuss your child’s sleep habits. An informative form will be sent to be filled in to provide me as much information as I need to build a personalised sleep plan for the child.

  2. The consultation:  about one and a half hour to explain the detailed and personalised sleep plan for your little one. I will also provide you with some advise on how to start and best implement your program.

  3. Three follow-up calls: starting from the third day after you start your ''my sleep plan'', every 3 days we will schedule a half an hour call, during which we will discuss how the program is going, which difficulties you are facing and how can I help you to solve them.

  4. A final phone consultation will be organised at the end of the second week to ensure that the program has been a success.

Price: 550 CHF (510 EUR)

Option 2: Remote consultation package (Skype, telephone, Whatsapp)

​Same service as above, but on the phone in case we are not located close enough to meet face to face. 

Price: 450 CHF (410 EUR)

Option 3: Workshops (2 hours group sessions)

I propose seminars for three ages categories: 0 to 5 months old babies, 6 to 12 months old babies and 1 to 5 years old children.

As a group, let's discover and learn together how to gently solve common children’s sleep problems:

  • General education about sleep- the science and the behavioural “must know”

  • Common sleep problems and how to fix them- both for nights and naps.

  • How to create a Gentle Sleep plan for your child.

  • Possible pitfalls you might encounter and how to successfully deal with them.

  • Q&A time


Price: 50 CHF per person (40 EUR)

Option 4: Single consult : in-home consultation + 1 follow-up call (15 mins).

In-home consultation to help the family to set up sleep hygiene rules and environmental patterns, routines and healthy schedules.

Price (hourly): 140 CHF (130 EUR)

Infant massage courses

"Il parco, la brezza, i movimenti morbidi del massaggio alla mia bimba, la dolcezza di Valeria... che momenti magici! Oggi è stato l'ultimo giorno di corso e devo dire che me lo rifarei daccapo!!"

"The park, the breeze, the soft movements of the massage to my baby, the kindness of Valeria ... what magical moments! Today was the last day of the course and I must say that I would do it all over again !!"

Happy customer

Option 1: group class of maxim 5 babies aged between 0 and 12 months 

Option 2: individual class at your place.

The course takes place once a week, for 4 weeks; each class lasts about 2 hours. During the class you will have the possibility to connect with your baby using the massage's non verbal communication. I will gently guide you to bond with your child using the massage technique proposed by Vimala McClure, the IAIM Association's founder. 

Offer to you and you child a magic moment to relax and to share with other parents your experiences: at the end of each class you will have the possibility to take a coffee and spend enjoyable moments with your classmates.


Groupe sessions: 200 CHF for the 4 classes

Private home sessions: 300 CHF for the 4 classes 

Birth and post-partum doula services

Who's a doula and what does she do

From the Greek "the one who serves the woman", a doula likes to call herself "the mother of a (new) mother". 

It is, in fact, a professional figure, in particular a woman, external to the family, who takes care of the emotional and physical state of another woman who is about to have, or has just had, a child.

The arrival of a child is one of the most beautiful and loving moments of a two parents'life, but it can also be very difficult and hard to deal with, both logistically and emotionally.

A doula, then, arrives to embrace the future parents, take them by hand and help them also and especially in suffering, fatigue and tiredness.

When a child is born, a mother is born: from the birth to the first year of the child's life, the post-partum doula offers to the mother an ad hoc presence and closeness, intimate and confidential, at home and abroad. She supports the mum in her choices, guiding and accompanying her to recognise and enhance, with delicacy and empathy, her skills and resources.

For a woman, having this support in her everyday life when she is often alone and with many doubts on how to take care for her child can make a difference: numerous studies show how the presence of a doula in a woman's life drastically reduces the onset of post-partum anxiety , post-partum depression and, in general, mental and behavioural disorders in the new mother.

Consultation services at home

Before the birth, one or two home visits to discuss the birth plan and how to deal with labour and the first meeting with your child.


After the birth, depending on the needs of the parents and for a selective number of visits to the house (but also outdoors if parents need to go out for a walk) to promote bonding and give practical, emotional and physical support to the genius.

Doula Valeria's speciality: the cooking. Each doula chooses a specific field to cuddle the parents: I have chosen the cooking, which is my passion also in my everyday life. Being a truly Italian woman, I believe that there is nothing better than a good hot dish or a cake to face a day with your child! 

Packages and Prices

Pre and post partum package:

2  home visits before the birth + 4 visits after the birth - 490 CHF 


Post partum package:

5 home visits after the birth - 390 CHF

Single home visit - 100 CHF per hour


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